Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Saving of Money on Electricity 2013

If you want to save money on account of gas and electricity then you will have to search the best supplier of electricity and gas in your area. You can compare the rates of different electricity suppliers in your area. With the passage of time, the rates of the electricity are increasing and if you get the rates of different electricity suppliers in your area, then you contact with the supplier having low rate and get his electricity installed in your home.
Now we will discuss that how you can compare the rates of different electric companies in order to save the money.

What is your requirement?
First of all, you should determine that what do you want from the electricity provider companies then you start thinking for the saving of money.

Choose the type of tariff
You will have to think over the rates of the electricity and then the mode of the payment for the electricity being provided to you.

All the utilities including electricity and gas, we will have to pay the prices of the services in two ways like fixed and variable.

In the fixed tariff, you will have to pay a certain amount for your electricity for certain period. In this way, you know that how much electricity you will have to consume and not exceeding the limit of the electricity during the tariff period. You will have to give guarantee for the using of electricity keeping in the limits of the tariff during the tariff period and you also know that the use of electricity will not exceed to the set tariff. 

When we use the variable or flexible electricity tariff, it does not provide you any guarantee on the price of the load of the electricity and this can be changed whenever you want. When you adopt the flexible rate of the electricity and the prices do not become less but you will have to pay fewer amounts. The companies do not provide such type of protection as they provide at the low rate from the beginning.

What is the amount of electricity you use?
You should determine the amount of electricity which you use in the whole month. The companies provide you electricity at the constant energy tariffs. If you use electricity in small amount then you will have to pay little cost of electricity and if you use electricity is large amount then you will have to pay much. If you want to know that how much electricity you use in certain time then you can check the bills of the previous many months and get the average of these bills or you can check the annual energy statement.    

When you use electricity?
You will have to determine that at what time you use most of the electricity and at what time you use less. Then you can opt for a tariff which provides you electricity at reasonable rates. Economy 7 is the suitable electricity tariffs for use during peak hours. When you make up the mind to use the Economy7 electricity, then you will surely minimize the energy bills.

Duel fuel?
When you use two appliances for both gas and electricity then it will help you to save the money from duel fuel tariff. Most of the public suppliers do not give you any guarantee for the provision of cheaper tariff but they offer you discount of 100 pounds or 8% off your bill.

Decide how you will manage and pay bills
You can cut short of cost of gas by paying the direct debit of your gas bill online. You can also adopt the cheapest option of the supplier when you find the cheapest electricity supplier discount on it.

You can also get the paper statement for the payment of energy bills and you will be satisfied with the level of discount offered by the supplier or the company.

Check prices
If there are many electricity suppliers who offer you the reduce price of the energy and you are on the option for the choice of the right supplier, then for making final decision, you will have to compare the electricity charges provided by these suppliers. When you find the electricity price less at the unit price then you can come on the conclusion to find the cheapest electricity suppliers.