Sunday, 31 March 2013

Suitable and Affordable Mortgage Rates

There are some companies who advertise the low interest mortgage rates but these low mortgage rates are uneconomical for the common people and they should be aware of these low mortgage rates.
If you adopt the best mortgage rates then it will save you from various troubles or problems.
Some times ago, a friend received a renewal notice from his current lender and they offered him 5.29% for 5 year term. They renewed it on 2.99% and presented the friendly terms. Actually his mortgage was 200k and he got savings of about $15,059 for a period of 5 years. If it is calculated then we will find that 0.1% difference will help you in saving $616.80 for the period of 5 years.
It is wisely said that we should understand the whole mortgage and their terms before signing any mortgage to avoid any complication at later stage. There are different terms to adopt for mortgage in which two major mortgage rates are provided below:

1.         How is penalty calculated if you decide to break your mortgage?
Before the arrival of the renewal date of most of the mortgages, they do not become mature and people like to sell them. The financial problems prevailing in the country compel you to dispose off your mortgage. If you get involved in the mortgage then you should fulfill the mortgage for at least 2 years and if you break the mortgage before 2 years then you will have to face the penalty. You should make contact with your mortgage officer or broker for the calculation of the penalty imposing on you. You signed up the mortgage case for 2.99% but within 2 years you decide to sell the home then you will have to calculate the deal at about 5.29%. When we calculate the difference in amount of the mortgage, then you will have to pay the mortgage penalty which will be more than the actual mortgage amount.
If you are dealing with mortgage for five year then you should ask about the comparison rate if you want to calculate the mortgage. If you want to quit from the mortgage then you should continuously ask about comparison rate and when the rate is reasonable, it will be settled for less rates. The interest rate of the mortgage will be calculated with the penalty of 3 months.
2.         Get your mortgage settled as collateral mortgage
If your financial position is strong then you can get the collateral mortgage. The bank will offer you the line of credit through which you can get loan for visa or car and you can shop as rate of 5.29% is presented to you. The banks will provide you the car loan and visa in lieu of your home. You should control your file by paying all debts or convert all other debts into the fresh mortgage. But you cannot do it as you have fewer amounts which are not enough to pay all debts. Then you will have to adopt lousy rate of 5.29% from your original lender