Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Supply Gas for Production of Electricity

The Mayor Adi Darma Bontang H was feeling greatly that his city has the dire need o f electricity supply. While visiting the executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas at Wisma Mulia Floor 28 Jalan Gatot Subroto Jakarta, he showed his utter desire for the provision of electric power.

Adi Darma, the Mayor of Bontang talked with the Deputy Operations BPMigas, Rudi Rubiandini, Head of LNG and LPG Marketing Agus Sapto BP Migas and Division Chief PMG Jikaullah MI that the main objective of their motive is the provision of gas supplies for the welfare of the people. This supply of electricity can support the program. He also said that their city government can support the provision of electric power to their masses and he will continue fight for the provision of electric power which is the basic right of the local people.

The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor said that of the city municipal government has shown its hope that the central government will look in to the matter and provide the quota of natural gas to their city, Bontang. The central government can also install the power plant of 3.0 mmscfd for the provision of gas. In response to their demands placed by both, Mayor and Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Operation of BP Migas, Rudi Rubiandini explained the requests of the city government of Bontang and assured that natural gas supply will be provided to the Bontang city in different stages.

The Deputy Operation of BP Migas also explained that they will surely provide the gas supply to the municipal government of Bontang and this year they will supply about 3 mmscfd. He also declared that their government will also supply gas for the generation of 15-18 watts of electricity. The decision has been made in the meeting which was attended by the Mayor of Bontang, Staff Development Expert, to the Department of Industry Trade, Cooperatives and SMEs Risa Pahlevi, Head of Economic Taufik Idris along with the local business people.